• Duties That Likely Belong in a PR Manager’s Job Description

    by  • December 2, 2011 • On Public Relations Management

    This checklist is from a presentation on what actually belongs in a PR professional’s job description done while vice president for university relations at Carnegie Mellon University.

    Does your job description include:

    • Building relationships with external and internal audiences, publics and stakeholders?
    • Building partnerships with on-campus colleagues?
    • Supporting the goals and objectives of your institution?
    • Supporting activities that contribute to the institution’s advancement?
    • Developing an in-depth knowledge of the “business” of your institution, its primary audiences, publics and stakeholders and the tools and techniques needed to persuade them to act on the institution’s behalf?
    • Participating in the “political” life of the campus, understanding your institution’s power structure and responding accordingly?
    • Identifying new opportunities and directions?
    • Educating the campus community about public relations and changing perceptions of your work?
    • Communicating clearly the strategies, goals and objectives of public relations?
    • Evaluating how your activities may affect the behavior of your institution’s key constituencies?
    • Demonstrating to campus colleagues the value and impact of your work in helping them reach their target constituencies?
    • Establishing public relations and communications priorities and eliminating ineffective or low-impact projects or programs?