• On the Conflict Between Writers and Designers

    by  • December 2, 2011 • On Communications Tools and Tactics

    This from Designer, the publication of the University and College Designers Association, on the tension between designers and writers.

    What writers think about designers

    • Designers don’t (can’t?) read.
    • Designers see copy as potential gray blocks (that if not kept gray can mess up a design).
    • Designers have ego problems.
    • Designers aren’t detail oriented.
    • Designers only design to win awards (from other designers).
    • Designers are usually late for meetings.
    • Designers are inflexible and stubborn.
    • Designers don’t appreciate how critical a word is to the meaning of a piece.
    • Designers insist on wearing trendy (non-business-like) clothing.
    • Designers can’t (maybe just won’t) understand the serious business of writing and editing.

    What designers think about writers

    • Writers are good spellers with inferior imaginations.
    • Writers think that people actually read their copy.
    • Writers have ego problems.
    • Writers are stuffy, boring and obsessive-compulsive.
    • Writers don’t care about cutting-edge work, entering shows and becoming rich and famous.
    • Writers call too many meetings and write too many memos.
    • Writers are stubborn and inflexible.
    • Writers won’t cut a couple of crummy words to make the copy fit.
    • Writers wear polyester and don’t laugh enough.
    • Writers want designers to wear shoes.
    • Writers secretly want to be designers.