• Penn State Parking Memo We Can All Relate To

    by  • December 2, 2011 • On Communications Tools and Tactics

    Some time ago, the folks at Penn State University decided to solve the main campus’ parking problems once and for all with this memorandum to the university community:

    “The redesignation of Green F, Red F and Yellow F is in process. We alerted you earlier that Green F will be redesignated to be Green B; Red F will be redesignated to be Red E and Yellow F will be redesignated to be Yellow E.

    “In each lot change, the parking permit for the lot being redesignated will be valid for not only the new lot but also for the original lot. Also, the original lot sticker will be valid in the new redesignated lot.

    “Examples: Red E and Red F permits will be valid in Red E and what was Red F now Red E.

    “Green B and Green F permits will be valid in Green B and what was Green F now Green B.

    “When new permits for faculty and staff are issued this fall, there will be no Red F, Green F or Yellow F permits. Your allocations will be adjusted accordingly.”