• Points To Consider When Embarking on TV Advertising

    by  • December 2, 2011 • On Communications Tools and Tactics

    Some facts about television advertising you need to consider when using this communications tactic.

    • Research has shown more than 80 percent of viewers can’t remember a typical commercial one day after they’ve seen it. Memorability of ads continues to decline.
    • Technology has given viewers the opportunity to bypass ads completely.
    • The keys to successful ad campaigns are consistency and continuity. Before embarking on a campaign it is vital to commit to a consistent position and theme and to determine if your institution has the resources to sustain the campaign over a long time period.
    • Be careful. Research has also found that too much repetition and heavy airplay can lead viewers to tune out a commercial.
    • Research has shown that “likability” is an important factor in the success of an ad. Viewers, according to researchers, often define the best ads as meaningful, believable, convincing and informative. The creativity and inventiveness of an ad, the elements that typically earn ad firms awards in their industry, are not critical factors in the success of a TV ad.
    • One final note. Research has also shown more than 50 percent of chief executive officers believe most people who have viewed a TV ad can remember something about it the following day.