• PR Again at Top of the Stress Charts

    by  • December 4, 2011 • On Public Relations

    Public relations professionals have long understood that they are involved in one of the world’s most stressful professions. Conflict, change and uncertainty are a daily part of a PR person’s life. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the latest evidence that our feelings about stress aren’t all in our minds.

    In a Dec. 29, 2011 column in which he answers questions from readers, Andy Johnston noted an analysis by Careercast.com, a California-based job search Web site, that laid out the top 10 most stressful professions of 2011:

    1. Commercial airline pilot
    2. Public relations officer
    3. Senior corporate executive
    4. Photojournalist
    5. Newscaster
    6. Advertising account executive
    7. Architect
    8. Stockbroker
    9. Emergency medical technician
    10. Real estate agent

    According to Johnston, Careercast.com based its ranking on 11 factors that can stimulate stress. They included: putting your own life or others’ lives at risk, hiring outlook/growth potential, competitiveness, physical demands (including long hours), travel, working in the public eye, deadlines, and environmental conditions and hazards while performing the job.