• Top 10 Things the President Thinks You Heard from a Reporter

    by  • December 2, 2011 • On News Media and Media Relations

    Thanks to Steve Infanti, former PR pro at Penn State University, for shipping us “top 10 things your president thinks were said the last time you spoke with a reporter.”

    1. I don’t need to interview anyone else. When you say that’s the way it is, I believe you.
    2. Can I take you to lunch? I just got a big raise thanks to the in-depth article I was able to write based on your 10-page news release.
    3. I hope you’re coming to the interview. I always like to have a PR flack sit in to deflect tough questions when I interview the CEO.
    4. Please put me on your mailing list. I don’t want to miss any of your school’s personnel announcements.
    5. That’s the best story I ever heard. No wonder you make more money than I do.
    6. No, I don’t need to speak to the CEO. Any old marketing flunky would be fine.
    7. Take your time getting back to me. I don’t need to turn this story in for several weeks. I just thought I’d get a head start gathering information.
    8. I don’t really want to write about your school, but feel free to go over my head to my editor.
    9. I’d much rather work through a qualified PR professional like yourself than contact faculty at random trying to find out details on the latest campus scandal and cover-up.
    10. Have you spoken to editors at other publications about this story? I think you should because this is news that deserves the broadest possible circulation.