• Why Colleges and Universities Pursue National Media Coverage

    by  • December 2, 2011 • On News Media and Media Relations

    Colleges and universities pursue national news media coverage because it:

    • Helps to build an institution’s reputation.
    • Helps to build national awareness.
    • Helps to build name recognition.
    • Lends credibility to a college or university’s claim to be a major national institution.
    • Brings value to key institutional messages by providing third-party endorsement.
    • Can stimulate interest and support from donors and prospective donors.
    • Confirms the value of the institution and its faculty to government officials and funding sources.
    • Builds alumni pride and pride among internal constituencies.
    • Helps to build the reputation of the faculty.
    • Contributes to an environment in which student and faculty recruitment and fund raising can be successful.
    • Reaches a huge audience in a cost-effective manner.
    • Is more valuable and believable and is vastly more cost-effective than advertising.
    • Places institutions among the major players in the national forum of ideas.